Liberty mutual employee survey

Thank you for taking this anonymous survey. Its purpose is to understand employees’ views regarding Liberty Mutual’s role in fueling or abating climate change. 

The survey takes two minutes to complete.

It is conducted by Insure Our Future, an initiative of environmental and consumer groups that are advocating for investments and underwriting to be directed away from industries causing climate change and towards solutions to environmental and economic sustainability.

1. Are you aware that, according to the California Department of Insurance, Liberty Mutual and subsidiaries have invested assets of $6.6 billion in coal, oil, and gas companies? *
2. Are you aware that Liberty Mutual underwrites fossil fuel infrastructure, which may include coal mines, coal-fired power stations, oil rigs, and gas pipelines? *
3. Unlike many of its competitors, Liberty Mutual doesn’t have a policy to address its contribution to climate change. Would you support Liberty Mutual taking a more comprehensive approach to tackling climate change? *
4. Sixteen re/insurance companies have enacted policies to limit or end their coal underwriting, some of which also exclude tar sands. Would you like to see Liberty Mutual begin to phase out its underwriting of fossil fuels, starting with two of the most carbon-intensive fuels, coal and tar sands? *
5. More than 20 re/insurance companies, including Chubb, AXA, Allianz, Zurich, and Swiss Re have divested their assets from coal (and some also from tar sands) companies. Would you like to see Liberty Mutual avoid investments in the coal, oil and gas industries? *