Our Demands

Our best insurance is to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground. The organizations of the Insure Our Future campaign in July 2018 presented the following demands to major U.S. insurance companies:

  1. Immediately start divesting from coal companies and companies developing projects to extract and transport tar sands.  Divestment should include your company’s own assets and assets managed for third parties.
  2. Immediately cease insuring coal and tar sands projects and companies (unless they are engaged in a rapid transition process from coal and tar sands to clean energy that would normally take no longer than two years). Extreme fossil fuel projects which insurers should stay away from include, among others, the Trans Mountain, Keystone XL and Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipelines. Workers’ compensation policies, which directly benefit workers in the fossil fuel industry, should be exempt from this policy.
  3. Quantify the carbon footprint of your investments and insurance activities and reduce the overall footprint of your company’s activities in line with a science-based path which limits average temperature increases to 1.5 °C.
  4. As you divest from and stop underwriting coal and other fossil fuel projects, at a corresponding pace scale up investments in clean energy companies and insurance coverage for clean energy projects that follow international human rights, Indigenous rights, social and environmental standards.